BHYPE invites you to explore the hip hop and streetwear cultures from their beginning in the 80's to their apex most recently.
Vintage lon1 pieces coming from all over the world will mix with the hypest brands and offers you a travel to time, BHYPE is not only a shop but a way of life for both all the nostalgics of the 90's and the youngest generation who wants to get the freshest sneakers and outfits.
From Dubai to the world and from the world to Dubai, BHYPE is sharing a piece of culture to everyone coming to their universe with no barriers.
Following the latest trends and the worldwide calendars of cultures and celebrations,
BHYPE proposes its ready to wear brand with a large selection of clothing products and accessories.
BHYPE Society represents the message we want to create around the brand, the aim is to build a strong community that we'll get involved in different events not only online but also through partnerships with local institutions such as art schools, medias and trendy places.